Seniors Helping Seniors – Free Workshops

The Seniors’ Health & Wellness Institute (COSCO) provides free workshops to seniors’ groups. We currently have 47 workshops available for presentation by trained facilitators. Our workshops are developed by consulting with experts in their fields to ensure all information is up-to-date and accurate. These sessions provide practical information but are not intended to provide specific legal, medical or financial advice.

Where possible, we offer workshops for non-English speaking seniors. Many of our workshop handouts are available in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Punjabi. We thank the Community Office of MLA Michael Lee for their support in providing Chinese translations for many of our workshop handouts.

All workshop information is presented by a facilitator using a PowerPoint presentation. Each participant is provided with a handout of key points and they are encouraged to use this new information to help modify their behaviours to increase their chances of staying safe and well.

  • Free Safety Workshop Series

    Seniors’ Health and Wellness is pleased to host this online series focused on your safety. The sessions encompass essential information and tips in the areas of safety, from preventing falls indoors and out, through being prepared for emergencies, to awareness of and suggestions for how to deal with the increasing number of frauds and scams that target seniors.

    You may opt for only those sessions you feel are currently most relevant for you but are encouraged to attend all sessions to get as comprehensive a picture as possible regarding your personal and online safety.

    Click here for more information and to register.