How’s Your Brain ?

Functional foods for brain health go mainstreamHow’s Your Brain?

“Use it or lose it” has long been the call of those who want to stay physically strong and fit. This old adage is equally true of having a healthy brain.

Today more and more research is looking at ways to stave off brain deterioration due to disease or simply atrophy from lack of ‘exercise’.

The following links walk you through ideas and suggestions for promoting brain health. Have fun learning [exercising your brain] and considering how well you stack up in relation to the ideas presented.

Note that the first link, from the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal, is slow to load the program. Be patient. It will be worth the play time that awaits.

How to Promote Brain Health – interactive ‘lessons’

6 Pillars of Brain Health [article]

BC Brain Wellness Program [ free programs, including a range of topics from brain wellness book clubs to gardening and nutrition]

Also check out the many other resources on their website

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