How’s Your Balance?


Seated and Standing Chair Exercises for Seniors

  • Balance can be affected by a wide range of underlying factors including medication, ear infections, low or high blood pressure, poor circulation and nerve damage in the lower legs.
  • Balance is all about staying upright and in control of your body.
  • Falls as we get older increase in frequency and are the leading cause of injury in seniors and one of the top causes of death.

At-Home Exercises to Improve Your Balance - Lifetime Daily

Designing Balance Exercise Programs for Older Adults

Here are some helpful tools from Active Aging Canada to regain, maintain and improve your balance:

Balance and flexibility exercises from the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (English only)

Learn 3 balance exercises in this video from the National Institute of Aging (English only)

Programme Posture et Stabilité (French only)

At-home videos of exercises to prevent falls and improve balance and strength (English only)

General Information on falls prevention for older adults visit: (English) (French)


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