How to Request a Workshop for Your Group

Workshops are available either in-person or online 

  • In-Person

If you request a workshop facilitator to present a workshop in-person, . . .

    • ensure you can provide the facilitator and your group with the necessary physical and technical resources. 
    • please understand our facilitators must follow all our provincial (B.C.) health recommendations and regulations. For the safely of the facilitator and your group, cancellations may be necessary – and on short notice – if it should be so dictated by health and safety guidelines.
    • consider a backup plan to provide your group with an online session if an in-person session is not possible.
  • Online (Zoom)

If you request a workshop facilitator to present a workshop online, . . .

    • our volunteer workshop facilitators are trained to present our sessions in Zoom meetings. You must provide a Zoom Meeting for the workshop presenter and your participants. This requires having access to a paid Zoom account.
    • ensure you can provide our facilitator with “co-host” privileges so that the facilitator can use Zoom’s “Share” feature to present PowerPoint slides and other workshop content.
    • ensure you can schedule the Zoom meeting to allow enough time for the presentation and questions. Our workshops are typically 60-90 minutes. Please note that the free Zoom service does not allow enough time for most of our workshops. 
    • ensure you are comfortable with using Zoom and can provide technical support for your participants, and be present and available to assist as needed. 

To request an in-person or Zoom workshop

  • Ensure you are selecting a session from our most up-to-date brochure as availability of individual sessions may change. When considering your schedule, please allow 60-90 minutes for each presentation and sufficient time for the facilitator to set up and ensure the technology is working.  
  • Complete a Workshop Request Form. Please include any additional instructions that may be important (e.g. mainly non-English participants, language interpreter present, request for a specific facilitator). 

Response from the Seniors’ Health and Wellness Institute

  • You should receive an automated acknowledgement of your request by email within a couple of hours. However, acknowledgements can sometimes be delayed. Please allow up to 4 hours for an acknowledgement. 
  • If there are any additional concerns about your request, we will contact you within 2 business days (Monday-Friday). 
  • If you submitted a request but did not receive an email acknowledgement within 4 hours, please email our Lead Workshop Coordinator

Confirmation of Sessions

  • Requests for sessions are sent to facilitators 3-4 weeks in advance of your requested dates.
  • Facilitators respond by specifying which sessions they are available to present.
  • Once your requested session is matched with an available facilitator, you will receive a confirmation that your workshop is booked. The confirmation contains instructions and contact information for you and your facilitator. You and the facilitator are responsible for making final arrangements for the workshop. If you have already consulted with a facilitator that has agreed to do your workshop, please note this in your request.
  • We do our best to confirm facilitators at least two weeks before the date you requested for the session. If we are unable to do so, we will contact you to discuss your options.


  • Try to plan at least one month ahead. To provide our team with time to plan, schedule and coordinate with facilitators, we are booking workshops 3-4 weeks in advance. But don’t hesitate to make a request even if it is on shorter notice. We can sometimes accommodate. We will contact you and provide you with options. 
  • Ideally you would gather as many participants as possible for any given workshop. Given the preparation and travel time required for the facilitator, it is suggested your aim would be a minimum of 10 seniors committed to attend. Should the number drop below that minimum, please contact the facilitator assigned for your session to discuss your options. 
  • Please request no more than one workshop per month.